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Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute

The Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute, a partnership between Louisiana Economic Development, Louisiana Community & Technical College System and the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors offers small and emerging construction businesses critical information about construction management and how to prepare for the business and law portion of the contractors licensing exam.

  • Six-week course, with two-hour sessions twice a week
  • Taught by industry leaders
  • Offered via interactive distance learning to multiple locations throughout the State
  • Topics covered include but are not limited to: 
    • Bid process
    • Contract management
    • Estimating
    • Equipment management
    • Scheduling
    • Occupational safety
    • Risk management
    • Financial and business management 
    • Bonding and access to capital
    • Certifications and available resources
    • Entrepreneurship training


The Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute is open to all who have the intent to start or currently have an established construction based Louisiana business

Getting Started

Review upcoming schedule for Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute.

Next Steps

  1. Find a classroom location near you.
  2. Register for the upcoming Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute classes. 
  3. Attend at least 80% of the six-week course, with two-hour sessions twice a week to qualify for course completion

Eligibility Scenarios

Q: I’m not in business yet. Can I still register for the Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute?
A:  Yes, if you are intent upon starting a construction related business you are eligible to attend Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute. You do not have to be in business yet.

Q: I’m already in business and have my contractor’s license. Should I register for the Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute? 
A: Yes, the Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute can provide valuable industry information even for those who are already in business and/or already possess a contractor’s license.

Q: I have a non-construction related business, should I register for the Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute? 
A: No, not unless you have plans to open a construction based business. This class is tailored specifically for those that are in or plan on entering the construction industry. If you are interested in managerial or entrepreneurial training try looking into opportunities offered through LED’s Small and Emerging Business Development Program.


Q: What topics will the Louisiana Contractors Institute cover?
A: Topics covered are derived from the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies’ Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management. The topics include but are not limited to: bid process, contract management, estimating, equipment management, scheduling, occupational safety, risk management, financial & business management, bonding/access to capital, certifications and available resources, and entrepreneurship training.

Q: Can I sign up and start attending the Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute any time during the year? 
A: No, the 6 week classes are scheduled on specific dates that can be found at the LCTCS information page and registration site, here.

Q: How can I find out if there is a class offered in my area?
A: The list of classroom locations and dates can be found here.